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It’s only when you attempt to hold it one-handed or even in portrait that you remember this is an overweight slate. In its stead, we’re treated to a flagship of sorts — HTC’s first 10-incher and AT&T’s inaugural 4G LTE slate. Hopefully, AT&T’s limited time offer of a free digital pen will still be kicking when you decide to take the plunge on this purchase, freeing you from the burden of that additional cost. Not only should the conference venue have this projection system, they will need to be able to provide a television as well should you need to use a second screen. Newer projector models also have DVI inputs, Ethernet and USB ports. The new models have HDMI ports. You have the DLP. A DLP or LCD projector is a boon for teachers as they can keep a vigil on the whole class and maintain an eye contact with students all time because they do not have to turn around and write. The tablet’s 7,300mAh battery, however, is not accessible, but you shouldn’t have much need to worry about replacing it.

It’s a minor niggle that stems from the tablet’s lower pixel density (150ppi). Would mostly be a forgivable flaw were it not so ridiculously priced. We also spent considerable time lugging the Jetstream outdoors and even with brightness set at 50 percent, sky projector light we encountered minor issues with the display’s readability. Unlike its even-footed Android competitors, the Jetstream’s saddled with an outsized $850 price tag to complement its premium build — a cost that only sees a minor reduction to $700 with the addition of a two-year contract. When you buy into HTC, you’re pretty much guaranteed a quality build. It’s good news if you’re planning on whiling away the hours watching video on the device as you won’t suffer much loss in contrast. Unfortunately, what HTC chose to put into this 10-incher brings both good and bad news. When HTC entered the tablet game, it did so in reverse course. This tablet just feels good to hold. And for good reason, too. This will fetch you a good deal to save some money. Video and audio inputs will allow you to connect to a laptop, DVD player or digital video device.

The Jetstream packs an unexpected punch in the audio department, delivering clear, crisp and loud sound from its dual speakers and subwoofer. We additionally have the added convenience of wireless speakers which might be attached on partitions or in the roof and LCD and plasma televisions that may be attached on the walls rather than leading up treasured property on our floors. The brushed metal finish fills up over three quarters of the device’s back, and is broken only by two grey strips of plastic: one located just below the speakers that surrounds the micro-USB port and mic on the bottom, and the other a combo of soft touch and textured plastic up top that houses a subwoofer to the left and an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash to the right. Even if you live in an condo that offers a little residing place you can still enjoy great top quality auditory from a modest home live entertainment computer. If you’re dead-set on using this tab to capture still lifes, however, you’re in luck — a world of surprise awaits you. Still music played back without any distortion or tinniness. Whereas the Xoom’s screen is bordered by an unpleasantly rigid plastic that digs into your palms, the Jetstream’s brushed aluminum back gently curves up to the display, most realistic star projector making for a comfortable grip.

And it’s not that these devices can’t contend with other best-in-class tablets, as the Jetstream’s equipped with a solid 8 megapixel rear camera that handily beats out the blurred photos taken by the Flyer’s comparatively weak 5 megapixel camera. Fortunately, the Jetstream’s outfitted with a 1280 x 800 10.1-inch WXGA display that matches its similarly outfitted counterparts, so you’ll be able to watch those YouTube videos in 720p glory. The 10.1-inch display does double time here as an excellent viewfinder, framing shots in a way that makes every subject instantly high art worthy. Viewing angles on the display were surprisingly good, with the screen subject to a slight washout at a full 90-degree tilt. HTC’s calendar and photo widgets, however, made the most of the available 10-inches,occupying 3 x 5 grids and giving you full access to both your monthly agenda and picture library. The ID element at play here skews more industrial, giving off an impression of sophistication and luxury that matches up to its ridiculous asking price. The downside to this screen is that you can actually see the pixels spread out into columns, giving images and icons a noticeably striped appearance. Regrettably, we didn’t have the time to stop by a nice Italian restaurant or fly out to Tahiti and Canada to test these modes out, but we’ll keep it in mind for the next review.

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