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SOAIY’s Aurora Projection Lamp has a mini speaker built into it, so you can play amplified music and enjoy an indoor light show. Galaxy S22 Ultra has a lot going for it, such as a faster AI engine and support for broader camera capabilities, but it does not appear to be a great leap forward in terms of performance. The 108MP main camera on the new phone now uses a larger 2.4um sensor that captures more light and data. The Pixel 6 Pro – which is the best camera phone for Android users, pending the results of our S22 Ultra testing – is more affordable too, costing $899. Because the S Pen was an optional accessory to the S21 Ultra, it never felt like an integrated part of the phone. Looking only at the megapixel ratings for the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras, it would seem like not much has changed from the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Dynamic refresh rates are an increasingly common feature on top smartphones – well, maybe not so much on the iPhone 13 – with the devices ramping up the refresh rate when the on-screen activity gets frenetic and scaling back down when things are more static.

While a few grams lighter and slightly shorter than its predecessor, it’s just a much nicer-feeling object. A few of the choices below are among the best smart lights, offering support for Alexa, real star projector Siri and Google Assistant. Now that you’ve got everything set up and running, there are a few “best practices” to keep in mind with a projector that are different from a TV. Star projectors are easy to set up and operate, and some children can set theirs unassisted. But Samsung seems very confident that its Galaxy S22 Ultra will hold up to everything that life can throw at it. That will cost you $1,299 instead of the usual $1,199 starting price. That may be a reflection of the rising cost of memory, but it’s still a bummer to have to pay the same price for a phone with less RAM. Speaking of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it was the first phone outside of the Galaxy Note series to offer support for Samsung’s S Pen. These use Bluetooth 5.1 with support for the AAC and AptX codecs (for devices that have AptX, like Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones). If the price of a lamp replacement, usually over $100, doesn’t seem like a big deal, go ahead and run it full bore.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s starting price is $100 cheaper, and for the same $1,199 cost of the 128GB Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can buy a 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most star projectors are powered through an AC adapter, though many can also run off batteries. It’s easy to tote and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, but unlike those two it can’t run off of a battery — it requires AC power. Less battery consumption when you don’t need the refresh rate boost. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, with its improved refresh rate, could wind up managing power consumption a little more deftly. Both phones are also a little bit smaller than last year’s Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus, which had 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch screens respectively. And today all competitors follow suit with massive phones. But equally impressive phones are out there for less than what Samsung wants to charge you. The Galaxy S21 Ultra featured 12GB in its entry-level configuration, home planetarium star projector but Samsung scaled back to 8GB for the new model. You can get a Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12GB of RAM, but to do that, you’ve got to upgrade to the next model above the entry-level version. Instead, you just pop it out of the phone and get right to jotting down notes right on the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen.

The S21 Ultra turned in a better-than-average time on our battery test, though the phone lasted more than an hour long when we turned off its adaptive refresh rate. In 2018, it was reported that Pixie could be worth $21million by the time she turns 18, after department store Myer agreed to stock her bow range. Last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra was able to range between 10Hz and 120Hz, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra takes that adjustment even further. After offering 45W charging in 2020’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung reverted to 25W charging in the following year’s model. That’s 10 minutes faster than what it took the S21 Ultra to reach that mark, and it’s also twice the top charging speed of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The S Pen included with the Galaxy S22 Ultra also happens to be faster than before, with a 70% speed improvement and less latency.

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