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star projector lamp constellation lamp starry night light led For something a little more elevated, the Nanoleaf Lines are an excellent choice for transforming an average gaming setup or TV area into a high-tech entertainment escape. If you want a sleek, budget-friendly portable with 1080p and plan on keeping the image on the small side, however, this is a solid choice. Have it be portable. You can also connect an external speaker to the Jireno projector if you already have a better audio setup and prefer it to the default speakers on the device. 1080p resolution, but the 4K decoding support will allow playing 4K videos on YouTube, as well as through physical sources such as a thumb drive or an external hard drive. Android TV also facilitates the direct installation of apps that can be downloaded using the internet or sideloaded using an external USB drive. As mentioned above, the Jireno Cube 4 comes preloaded with Android TV 9.0. Because it runs Android, you can choose from innumerable apps and games to install and use on it. The projector also comes preloaded with the most popular entertainment apps, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies & TV.

Surprisingly, it still runs the older Android TV instead of the new discovery-focused interface similar to Google TV. This mode makes navigation very easy, especially on apps not natively supported by Android TV. Built-in Wi-Fi and Android TV offer numerous possibilities for streaming media, but the availability of a USB Type-A port, a USB Type-C port, and an HDMI port extend these possibilities even further. Besides storage devices, you can attach media streaming devices like an Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast using the HDMI port or even hook up a gaming console, laptop, or PC to enjoy content on a large and unrestricted screen. It also comes with automatic keystone correction to adjust the skewed edges if the projector is not right in front of the screen or does not lie on a flat surface. The Jireno Cube 4 comes with two 5-watt speakers, offering a combined output of 10W. The company claims it has specialized diaphragms for better resonation, leading to deeper bass and clear treble through the drivers. Other than that, the Jireno Cube 4 easily impresses with its rugged and resilient build.

Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans 3 in 1 LED Starry Night Sky Projector Lamp Romantic Galaxy Star ... The top of the Cube 4 features a large power button, while the bottom has rubber feet and a screw mount to install the projector on a tripod stand or attach it from the ceiling. Dialogue us delivered clearly, while the music output is appreciable in the high and mids frequencies and bass is decent. Jireno’s claims appear to be valid, with the speakers sounding very crisp and clear, even at high volumes. That said, the low end of the 4K projector range is now only slightly more than the high end of the 1080p range, so 4K content is at your fingertips. Though you might remember falling asleep to glow in the dark stickers of planets and stars on your ceiling, you now have a much easier way to view those constellations thanks to star and galaxy projectors. This UHD projector is not cheap, but offers a significant step up in image quality over other 4K projectors. The duo offers ample processing power. Not only do they instantly power up to full brightness (there’s no waiting for the projector to “warm up”) they’re also more energy efficient and last much longer than traditional lamp light sources do.

Above the directional pad, it features a power button, settings button, a Bluetooth playback mode button, and dedicated controls for focusing in and out on the screen. Place the overhead projector in the back of the classroom to make its image as large as possible on the black screen. Available in black and white colors, the EpiqVision Ultra LS500 is on the higher side at $5,999, but this includes the ultra-short-throw laser projector and ambient light rejecting 120-inch screen, together comprising the Epson LS500 Laser Projection TV. The top half on the front is occupied by the projector’s lens, while the rear side features all the input ports. On the side of the projector, you’ll find a full set of manual controls for when the included wireless remote goes missing (always a welcome feature) as well as manual sliders for both focus and 1.3X optical zoom, making it easier to position the projector in a room while ensuring the projected image properly fills a screen. Based on my usage, the Jireno Cube 4 felt very bright while projecting on a white concrete wall in the house at night. Unfortunately, it does not come with any protection against water, galaxy light projector which means you will have to be cautious about the weather while using it outdoors.